ABC Releases New 'Roseanne' Thanksgiving Teaser

Just in time for the season of begrudging family gatherings, ABC has released a teaser for the return of the Conner family.

The teaser just started airing on ABC, preparing fans for the upcoming revival season of Roseanne. The ad doesn't share any new footage since the sitcom just resumed production a few weeks ago.

Photos from the set have been coming out since October though. It looks like the only thing that will be different from the teaser are the actors themselves. Roseanne Barr — the show's star and executive producer — has achieved some remarkable weight loss while the show has been off the air. Of course, the Conner children have all grown up into adults.

The revival is set for an indeterminate premiere date some time in 2018. The main cast is returning to reprise their roles, even John Goodman as Dan Conner. Dan died in the finale of the original series, but it seems the writers are planning to ignore that ending so they can bring Goodman back.

The show has brought back Lecy Goranson as Becky, yet they've also brought back actress Sarah Chalke, who played Becky on and off as Goranson came and went from production starting in the fifth season. In the revival, Chalke will take on a new role.