'Roseanne' Cast Crashes 'The Talk' on Live TV

The cast of Roseanne brought some excitement to The Talk Wednesday when they crashed an interview with the cast of Young Sheldon to support actress Zoe Perry.

Perry, whose mother is Laurie Metcalf, plays Mary Cooper on Young Sheldon, a role currently played by Metcalf on The Big Bang Theory. Metcalf also starred on Roseanne, and the two worlds collided during Wednesday's episode of the show as Sara Gilbert, a Roseanne and Big Bang alum, told Perry there were a few people there to support her.

At that point, Roseanne cast members Metcalf, Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, and Lecy Goranson appeared on set to take a selfie with Perry, leaving just as quickly as they had arrived.

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Afterwards, Gilbert and Perry discussed the hit sitcom, which ran from 1989-1997 will see an eight-episode reboot next year, with Gilbert explaining that Perry "was on the set growing up our whole lives."

Gilbert noted that Perry is beginning her role on Young Sheldon at around the same age Metcalf began her role on Roseanne.

"Honestly it must be amazing, you started this role at the same age that Laurie started playing Jackie on Roseanne," Gilbert said. "Has she told you what that's like for her to watch you?"


Perry responded, "It's been such a pleasure to get to do this with her around me and with me because she's so supportive - it's really nice to share this, yeah."

Photo Credit: YouTube / The Talk