Roseanne Barr Still Trying Make Things Right With Former 'Roseanne' Co-Stars, Source Says

Roseanne Barr has reportedly been reaching out personally to cast and crew members of her hit comedy series, Roseanne, after a racist tweet she sent got it canceled on ABC.

The series was canceled at the end of May after Barr posted an offensive remark about former President Barack Obama's aide Valerie Jarrett. The tweet caused an uproar online which led to the cancellation of the series.

A source close to the production told Entertainment Tonight that since the sudden cancellation of the highly rated comedy series, Barr has been calling cast and crew members in an effort to "try and make things right."

The source told the outlet that on at least one occasion, Barr has "broken down" during the call, and that cast and crew members have listened to her apologies.

The source said that, specifically, Barr has said she is mortified to think that co-star Jayden Rey, the child actor who played her African-American granddaughter, Mary, on the series, might think she doesn't love her because of the color of her skin.

Reportedly, there is confusion among those who worked and know Barr, because the racist behavior she displayed on Twitter is not the woman they seemed to know.

As Barr continues her personal apology tour, ABC and producers of the series are reportedly still busy working on ways to continue the highly-rated Roseanne franchise without Barr.

The network is reportedly close to making a deal for a spinoff series, possibly titled The Conners. Despite previous rumors the continuation might shine a spotlight on Sara Gilbert's Darlene Conner, the network might be pushing of an ensemble nature to the new show.

"I hear another name that is under consideration is The Conners, which would keep the strong ties to the original series without any Roseanne references while also underscoring the show's family and ensemble nature," Deadline reporter Nellie Andreeva wrote Friday.

The tricky ground producers and the network have to navigate before production can begin on the new series will be to make sure Barr is not benefiting financially, which is reportedly why the network has taken so long to make the spinoff series official.


However, the network has not announced a time slot replacement for Roseanne's spot on Tuesdays at 8 p.m., which leads many to believe they could be saving that spot for new show. However, production may not be ready in time for the series to premiere in fall 2018 when Roseanne's second season was supposed to premiere.

Seasons 1-9 of Roseanne are still streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Season 10 has been taken out of syndication by ABC and is no longer available on Hulu.