Roseanne Barr Sobbing Apology Interview Will Not Be Released 'Out of Respect'

Roseanne Barr reportedly recorded a sobbing apology for a friend's podcast, but that interview will not be released.

Rabbi Shmuley, Barr's longtime friend, took to Twitter on Saturday to clarify reports that the Roseanne star would appear on his podcast.

He confirmed the news but revealed he will not release the interview until Barr decides she wants it released.

"I did record a podcast with my friend Roseanne, [and] I have decided not to release it out of respect for Roseanne. I want to give her space to reflect on the recent events and releasing the recording is a decision she will make at the appropriate time," he said.

He did not go into detail on the content of the discussion, but assured his followers that Barr had acknowledged the religious values she violated with the racist remark that ended her sitcom.

"I have known Roseanne for 20 years," Smuley wrote. "She has apologized for what she acknowledges is a violation of Torah values [and] in the spirit of Jewish repentance. It is time America learned to forgive so that we may together affirm the image of God, and equal dignity of all humankind."

In addition to answering those aspects of the reports, he also shot down details inside some reports. In one tweet he said that the speculation of what the interview contained was not factual.

"Constant speculation on part of media of what was in our podcast inaccurate," he wrote.

In another, he combated descriptions of him. Shmuley, who bills himself as "America's Rabbi," has been known as a somewhat controversial figure in the religious community. Some brought up writings from Shmuley that could be interpreted as anti-gay rights, but he refuted that claim by clarifying his background.

"Yes, we did a podcast with my friend Roseanne. But we have decided not to release it at this time and it's disappointing that it was leaked," Shmuley wrote. "As for gay rights, I'm an Orthodox Jew and proud. And I have a gay brother who I love with all my heart. "


No full interviews with Barr about the situation have been released as of press time. She was scheduled to appear on Joe Rogan's podcast on Friday, but she backed out of that appearance at the last minute.

Photo Credit: NBC / Paul Drinkwater