Roseanne Barr Reportedly Ready to Give up Her Cut of Possible Spinoff

Even though her revival series was canceled, Roseanne Barr is considering giving up her cut of the profits on a possible spinoff.

Page Six reports that Barr receiving any monetary gain from the intellectual property of Roseanne is one thing that might be holding ABC back from greenlighting the proposed new series.

According the outlet, a source seems to have indicated that the comedian is "seriously considering" letting go of any stake she would have in the profits so as to make amends with the cast and crew for the cancellation of the Roseanne revival.

As has been widely reported, the series was canceled in May after Barr tweeted out a racially charged comment about a former Obama administration official. The remark set off a heated backlash, which resulted in even many of her own co-stars criticizing Barr for it.

Shortly thereafter, rumors that the producers wanted to pursue a spinoff option began swirling. While the spinoff is not yet confirmed, it is reportedly a strong possibility, considering how successful the Roseanne revival was.

Many of Barr's dedicated fans have taken to Twitter, in wake of the news that she could give up her Roseanne rights, to plead with the actress not to do it.

"Please don't give in to ABC & relinquish your rights to your show if they still want to redo it with Sara G. in the lead," one fan tweeted. "So disgusted with your treatment,ye Robert DeNiro says FU Trump, & that is ok. You are entitled to compensation for YOUR show."


"Dont let them give up your rights," another Twitter user begged. "There's no show without you!! You are the show!! No Roseanne no show!"

At this time, neither Barr not ABC have commented on the reports, but if the network hopes to get the spinoff out in time for the Fall 2018 TV season, it is possible that something could be announced soon.