'Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin': Adam Devine On Why Bumper Was Great Focus for Show (Exclusive)

Pitch Perfect fans got the surprise of a lifetime when one of its stars Adam Devine's character Bumper Allen was helmed to a Peacock spinoff series. In Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, he moves to Germany to revive his music career when one of his songs becomes big in the area.  The themes from the beloved film trilogy are spread throughout the show. And fans who missed him in the third film catch up on all he's been doing since and a lot more. Don't worry, he's still as quirky.

The six-episode series premiered on Nov. 23 on the streaming platform. PopCulture.com spoke with Devine on fanfare from the movie and why Bumper was a perfect choice. He also dished on whether he'd be open to another film.

PC: Why do you think Bumper was the perfect character for a spinoff series?

AD: I think Bumper was a good because he was the most pathetic. You could see everyone else going about their lives and being successful, but Bumper was such a little egomaniac, especially in that first movie. I feel like you could see the progression with him now. When some of the other characters, where you saw the progression of them within the movies. And to be perfectly honest, the fact that I wasn't in the third movie was a big reason that I wanted to do this series Pitch Perfect changed my life. I feel I wouldn't be in movies in the way that I'm able to be in movies without the success of Pitch Perfect. So, I wanted to put it to bed and put a little bow on it for just myself. So, when Elizabeth Banks pitched me the idea for that series, I left at the chance to do this character again.

PC: Being as though he wasn't in the third movie, but he was a fan favorite or an interesting character to a lot of the fans of the first two, did you have any hesitations or fears about the series not holding up to the actual fanfare of the movie?

AD: No. To me, I'm like, you always go into a project hoping the best, right? You never go into it going like this isn't going to work out. So, I had faith. I knew Megan Amram is such a talented, funny writer. I was a big fan of The Good Place and her work on that in Parks and Rec and The Simpsons. She's just an amazing writer, and I talked with her a lot during the development process of the series and with Elizabeth and had my hand on it the entire time.

So, I felt really confident that we were going to give something the fans might not even know that they want. And then I think what's fun about this series is people are coming around on it going like, "Wow, I I guess I didn't know what to expect from a Bumper spinoff show. Something that I didn't even know I wanted." And then you watch it and actually people are really responding well to the series and really enjoying it, which is obviously a huge relief for me.

PC: How was it for you filming on location?

AD: Oh, it was the best. Berlin is such an amazing city, and I finally got to dust off my German that I took in high school. So, it was a lot of me just counting to 10 and saying the days of the week, because that's about all I remember from my high school German experience.

PC: And would you actually be interested in doing another Pitch Perfect movie, or are you done after this series?

AD: You know, never say never. I mean, if it's the right idea and I feel like people would still be excited for it, yeah, it's possible. But I think, as of now, I'm just happy that people are loving the series, and I'm concentrated on that now. So, I would love to but I feel like we only did six episodes of the show and I feel that's not quite enough to put this character to bed for me. So I'm hoping to do at least one more season to tell his tale.