'Orange Is the New Black' Season 7: What Happened to Lorna's Baby?

Orange Is the New Black Season 7 is finally here, and fans now know what happened to Lorna's baby. In Season 5, Lorna (played by Yael Stone) learned that she was pregnant, after consummating her marriage to Vinny is Season 3. Last season, Season 6, Lorna suddenly went into early labor, which was alarming due to the amount of blood that she began to expel. The most recent, and final, season of OITNB has revealed to fans just what happened after that frightening labor.

Warning: Spoilers for Orange Is the New Black Season 7 are ahead!

In Season 7, we learn that the baby's name is Sterling and that he has been in the NICU since his delivery.

Eventually, Vinny comes to visit Lorna and break the tragic news to her that Sterling passed away after contracting pneumonia.

Lorna, who has a history with delusional behavior, refuses to believe this and goes on about her life in Litchfield Max as if nothing happened. She even creates an Instagram page for Sterling, and takes photos from Google Images to post, referring to the babies as if they are Sterling.

Vinny discovers what she is doing an comes ot confront her about it, but she continues her delusional behavior, prompting Vinny to suggest they should divorce.

Lorna begins to spiral into a deeper psychotic episode, which Nicky desperate tries to help pull her up out of, to no avail.

Finally, Lorna attempts to flee prison, but is caught by the guards while hiding in the chicken coop. She is tased, and then transferred to the Florida block by the guards.

Recently, Stone sat down with Uproxx and spoke about what it was like to play the character, specifically addressing the notion of playing Lorna sympathetically."

"I guess I'm always trying to get inside their heads, so when you're always working from inside, there's a bias going on already, so I don't have any intention there, I've always just wanted to be really human with her," Stone said. "I guess our humanity includes some horrible things and some beautiful things, and it's always a balancing act with humanity."


"I understand her fantasy mind. I understand her strong feelings that kind of take over, and the manner in which she can't gain control," she added. "I've seen it in people before, and I think that's why people have affection for her because there's something about her … even though she's quite larger than life in some ways she seems familiar."

All seven seasons of Orange is the New Black are now streaming on Netflix.