'Once Upon A Time' Season 7 Trailer Released

The first trailer for Once Upon a Time's revamped new season is here!

The first look at season 7 was released after the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel, which was all about the upcoming season.

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The trailer, which can be seen above, starts off by flashing back to the series premiere, with Emma Swan discovering a young child on her doorstep. Then various past locations and scenes from the last six seasons are shown.

We then get a promise that it's all about to begin again.

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That leads up to a new protagonist, Henry Mills, answering his door as a young girl named Lucy arrives, telling him she's his daughter.

"I don't have a daughter," Henry says.

"Yeah, you do," Lucy replies. "Now come on, your family needs you."

He then see a montage of scenes, that include Henry armed with a sword and ready to face a dragon and another of him riding through the forest on a motorcycle.


Title cards say that "a new curse awakens," "a new hero rises" and a legend is reborn.

Once Upon a Time will return to ABC on Oct. 6.