Netflix Working on 'To All the Boys' Spinoff Show

Netflix has basically resurrected the romantic comedy in recent years, breathing life into a genre [...]

Netflix has basically resurrected the romantic comedy in recent years, breathing life into a genre that had been on life support. The cornerstone of this content push was the To All The Boys I Love Before trilogy, extremely charming movies about Lara Jean Covey Song, an introverted high schooler whose world gets thrown into romantic chaos when her little sister Kitty mails her secret love letters to the past and present objects of her affection, including the love of her young life Peter Kavinski. The films are the cinematic equivalent to comfort food and have launched the careers of up-and-coming stars Lana Condor and Noah Centineo.

The final film, To All The Boys I Loved Before: Always and Forever, was released in February 2021 and saw Lara Jean and Peter K still together and heading off to colleges on opposite coasts, new phases of their lives beginning. Their stories may have wrapped, but Netflix has decided that it's still in the Covey Song sister business. Deadline reported on Wednesday that Netflix Is eyeing a potential spinoff series starring Kitty, the troublemaker who started the whole romantic chain reaction by sending the letters.

Kitty, played by Anna Cathcart, has become a fan favorite and the potential series would be a half-hour romantic comedy focusing on her quest for true love as she navigates the start of high school. Cathcart has expressed her love of playing Kitty in the past, telling The Mary Sue that it's "definitely super fun to get to be sarcastic and get to joke around a lot."

"She's definitely a very confident, protective person," she explained about Kitty's behavior in the second film, To All The Boys: I Still Love You. "So when something is happening she wants to stand up for her sisters and her family and her friends, definitely. So, I think she had a different relationship with her mom because she was very young when she passed away and Lara Jean and Margot were older so they have different memories and stuff so she doesn't totally get it the same way they do."

The creator, writer, and executive producer of the potential series is Jenny Han, who wrote the trilogy of novels that inspired the films. Han co-wrote the pilot with Siobhan Vivian, and production companies Awesomeness and Matt Kaplan's ACE would partner with Netflix to produce the series. According to Deadline, "Netflix has been mulling the idea of building integrated film-TV universes with feature films and TV series as part of the same franchise."