Neil Patrick Harris Says 'How I Met Your Mother' Revival Would Be 'Redundant'

Neil Patrick Harris voiced his doubts about the possibility of a How I Met Your Mother reboot any time soon in a recent interview with Newsweek.

Harris sat down with an interviewer to discuss the new season of A Series of Unfortunate Events, which dropped on Netflix on Friday. While there, however, the actor fielded a few questions about his iconic role as Barney Stinson, the obsessive ladies' man that dragged his friends on zany adventures in the pursuit of sexual conquest on How I Met Your Mother. The show ran from 2005 to 2014 with nine total seasons, and it had a pretty definitive ending.

However, in today's era of wildly successful sitcom reboots, the interview had to ask Harris about the possibility of putting Stinson's signature suit back on.

"There are lots of reboots happening, but I feel like nine seasons of that show was exactly right. To go back would be redundant, and I don't think anyone wants to see that happen," Harris said.

"The structure of How I Met Your Mother was terrific — it was a flashback tale that had a conclusion," he went on. "That's different from Will & Grace or Friends where you meet these characters regardless of the situation that they're in. But the duality of How I Met Your Mother — the ridiculous comedy, mixed with the heartfelt pathos, intertwined with this mystery we're trying to unravel — I think we did that."

"So what would you say if it did get rebooted, and someone asked you to do it?" the interviewer pressed.

"I would be very hard-pressed to find any sort of equation that would equal success," Harris said laughing.

That wasn't the only major role the interviewer asked Harris about. He brought up the 2008 musical comedy miniseries Harris starred in, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which was made exclusively for Internet distribution. Rumors of a sequel to the cult-classic have circulated for years, and the interviewer asked if it might be coming up for the ten year anniversary.

"I would be so excited if that were to ever come to pass," Harris said. "From what I hear, Joss Whedon has a couple other irons in the fire. He's busy doing other massive, time-suck, financially remarkable endeavors. But if there's ever another writers' strike, I'll certainly sign up for the sequel."

The reboot fever has been spurred by the recent success of Will and Grace, which returned to dominate NBC last year, as well as this week's phenomenal success of Roseanne.