'NCIS' Fans Shared Mixed Responses to Latest Episode's Big Reveal

NCIS dropped a major bomb about Gibbs during the latest episode, and fans were split about the team's reaction.

As the team worked to uncover the secrets behind a secret bank account funding a group of vigilantes, the CBS crime procedural took fans by surprise revealing a shocking tidbit about Gibbs (Mark Harmon) that fans already knew about.

The show wasted no time answering the question of who was in charge of the vigilante group, before dropping one of Gibbs' secrets, and putting a bounty on his head.

After the reveal that Judge Milo Deakin (Life Farrell) is the head of a counsel of judges controlling the vigilantes, the judges discuss their next time. The case involves the murder of Pedro Juan Hernandez and the person responsible was Gibbs himself. The punishment for committing a murder? Milo revealed he had ordered already ordered a hit on the leader of the NCIS team.

Fans will remember Gibbs killed Hernandez to avenge the murders of first wife Shannon Gibbs and young daughter Kelly Gibbs.

After taking a break at a nearby diner, Gibbs is surprised when he finds a photo of Hernandez in his car, prompting a flashback of the day he shot and killed him. The moment was interrupted after someone shot at Gibbs himself.

The next morning, Gibbs avoids talking about what happened with the team, when Ducky (David McCallum) finds a connection between Judge Milo and the vigilante group.

Gibbs confronts the man about putting a hit on him and he denies everything, but alludes that since Gibbs also killed an enemy he is just as bad as he is. While Gibbs rejects the idea he and the judge committed murder for the same reason, Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) spying on Gibbs' visit puts his secret at risk.

The team then confronts Gibbs about what happened and he comes clean about murdering the man. The news left the team speechless, as fans of the show wondered why the team was so surprised by the secret since fans were already aware of what happened.

After the revelation that Judge Milo hired Mallory to kill Gibbs comes to light, they use her help to get evidence of his involvement in the vigilante group and arrest him.

The episode ends with McGee, Bishop and Torres revealing they have doubts about Gibbs moving forward, but choose not to bring up the subject of his past for now.


Fans were split on the big Gibbs moment, some supporting his decision from the past, while others agreeing with the team's doubts following the big reveal.

How will the team move on from this case? NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.