NBC Not Airing New 'SNL' Tonight, Showing Infamous Kanye West Episode Instead

Saturday Night Live is running a repeat episode this week — the controversial season opener [...]

Saturday Night Live is running a repeat episode this week — the controversial season opener featuring Adam Driver and Kanye West, to be exact.

SNL hit the ground running for its season 44 this year. After a slew of first-time hosts and impactful skits, it is finally taking a week off for Saturday, Oct. 20. Instead of a new episode, NBC will air the first episode of the season, which originally aired on Sept. 29. The episode was reasonably well-received, though most of its comedic merit was overshadowed by West's wild on-stage antics — especially after the show was over.

Viral videos showed West stalking the stage after the telecast was over, holding the live audience for a rant about the American political divide as he perceived it. He accused "everyone" at SNL of trying to "bully" him into leaving his "Make America Great Again" hat behind and made some hotly contested generalities about Democratic policies throughout history.

Shortly after the stage-stealing performance, West tweeted that he had spoken to SNL creator and showrunner Lorne Michaels, who approved of the stunt. He claimed that he would be hosting the show himself by the end of the year — a claim that Michaels and SNL have not responded to.

Meanwhile, the following week, cast member Pete Davidson addressed West's antics directly in a monologue on Weekend Update.

"Speaking strictly for myself, what Kanye said after he went off the air was one of the worst, most awkward things I've ever seen here," he added. "And I've seen Chevy Chase speak to an intern."

"Kanye, I know you're like 'Yo, this is the real me. I'm off the meds,'" he went on. "Take them! I'm on them, they're great. There's no shame in the medicine game, there's nothing wrong with taking them. Being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jacka—. I'm quoting my therapist, my mom and my mailman."

Shortly after the fiasco — and a few others — West left social media yet again. Davidson, meanwhile, has been in the headlines for his shocking break-up with Ariana Grande. The comedian acknowledged their engagement several times on the show, and may have to address it when SNL finally returns.

Saturday Night Live will be taking next week off as well, with a compilation of the show's best Halloween skits airing instead.

After that, the show returns at last on Nov. 3 with a new episode hosted by Jonah Hill. The actor has hosted the show three times in the past, and he will be joined by musical guest Maggie Rogers.

Photo Credit: NBC