NBC Paid Woman Severance After She Accused Chris Matthews of Sexual Harassment

NBC paid a woman a sizable severance when she left the company shortly after accusing broadcaster Chris Matthews of sexual harassment back in 1999.

The Daily Caller reports that an assistant producer on Hardball with Chris Matthews complained to MSNBC officials after the titular host allegedly made "inappropriate comments and jokes about her while in the company of others."

An MSNBC spokesperson told the outlet that an investigation by the network found that the comments were out of line "but were not intended to be taken as propositions." Matthews was then formally reprimanded.

There was an alleged $40,000 payment made to the woman by Matthews, but MSNBC reps said that was not true. The rep said the network paid a lesser amount to the woman as severance pay when she left the network.

It's unclear whether or not the woman's departure from NBC was directly caused by Matthews' alleged harassment. It is also unknown if Matthews was ever accused of similar behavior any time after the incident.

Matthews has not commented on the revelations as of press time.

This report comes after NBC was rocked with mounting allegations against Today show host Matt Lauer. That incident has led to the company reevaluating its culture and the ways in deals with harassment and assault in the workplace.


Photo Credit: MSNBC / Virginia Sherwood