'Modern Family' Reveals How Sarah Hyland's Character Will Handle Unplanned Pregnancy

Haley Dunphy isn't ready to add to the Dunphy family following the reveal that the Modern Family character is pregnant.

In an exclusive clip released to PEOPLE for Wednesday night's episode, the eldest Dunphy child, played by Sarah Hyland, is in the midst of a meltdown as she is forced to face the current situation of her unplanned pregnancy, leading to her confronting boyfriend Dylan (Reid Ewing).

You can watch the exclusive clip on PEOPLE.

"I'm freaked because I just found out I'm pregnant and yes, I am a little mad at you," she tells Dylan. "This is serious and the only thing you can think about is combining our names into the perfect baby name."

"Well, now we know it's either Hayden or Dilley," he says. "Look, this is a beautiful thing, a product of our love. It is a product of our love, right?"

"Yes, Dylan, I did the math," she responds, confirming that he is the father.

In a final attempt to calm Haley down, Dylan gets down on one knee and proposes, apparently already having a complete vision in his mind of their big day, that Haley is not yet quite ready for.

"Are you kidding me right now?" she asks.

"Picture us walking down the aisle," he attempts to persuade her. "A breathtaking vision in virginal white, and you wearing whatever you want."

Ultimately, Haley turns him down, too worried about how she's going to break the news to her family that she's expecting.

"How am I going to tell my mom?" she asks. "This is the one thing she always told me not to do, and you're the person she told me not to do it with. Why aren't you freaking out?!"

"Because this is a good thing," he says.

Hayley isn't as sure, however, and ends up running out of the restaurant claiming that she "needs some space."

Hayley discovered that she was pregnant following a mishap during a round of bumper cars that resulted in lipstick stuck in her nose and a trip to the emergency room. Once there, a series of required blood tests revealed that she was pregnant, with the nurse breaking the news to her.

"You're pregnant," the nurse said, leaving both Haley and Dylan, as well as fans, in a state of shock.


Her pregnancy was initially hinted following the death of DeDe when Haley reacted by eating everything she could find.

Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.