Megyn Kelly Wonders Why No One Mentioned Rose McGowan or Ashley Judd at Golden Globes

This morning on her show, Megyn Kelly took a critical look at last night's Golden Globes and the [...]

This morning on her show, Megyn Kelly took a critical look at last night's Golden Globes and the massive coordinated protests demonstrated there, questioning whether it was enough.

Kelly pointed out that it's a huge step forward for women and victims to be able to stand on stage and directly address disparity and sexual harassment in their industry. She also applauded the women who brought "trail blazers" and activists as their guests to the award show.

However, she pointed out that the "Me Too" movement and the Time's Up campaign are standing on the shoulders of women like Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd, yet they weren't mentioned by name throughout the show. The issues were discussed broadly and everyone continued to tip toe around specific instances like they were dangerous to discuss.

Kelly made sure to draw attention to how far women still have to go in order to attain equality. She pointed out that many powerful men who have been accused of sexual misconduct are still working in the industry. Specifically, she focused on the example of Roman Polanski.

"That guy is still working in Hollywood! [He] has admitted to 'unlawful sex,' that's the technical term, with a 13-year old girl, before he fled the United States prior to his sentencing. Alright? He's still embraced by a lot of that crowd."

"I do wonder about the impact of last night," Kelly said in closing, "how great it could possibly be, and whether it marks a shift in our country or teaspoons in an ocean of male dominance that realistically is nowhere close to over."

Other women last night expressed the importance of not only condemning abusers, but supporting victims. In her acceptance speech, Laura Dern urged the crowd to "promote restorative justice," "protect and employ" survivors and victims of abuse.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the protest-riddled award show, many are pointing out the shades of hypocrisy present last night. Many of the men at the Golden Globes, even some of those in black, have been accused of sexual misconduct. Chief among them was James Franco, who won the award for Best Actor in a Musical of Comedy. This morning, accusations against him, old and new, flooded headlines, proving Kelly's point.