Meagan Good Teases 'Harlem' Season 2 (Exclusive)

The Tracy Oliver dramedy Harlem turned out to be a mega hit on Amazon Prime Video. The show follows the lives of four Black women in their 30s living in the gentrified community of Harlem, New York who lean on one another to navigate the ups and downs of career and love with weekly meetups. Meagan Good stars as the show's central character Camille, an ambitious university professor who struggles at maintaining a stable method of dating following a breakup that occurred five years earlier. When her ex moves back into the neighborhood, she struggles to grapple with the unresolved feelings of what could have been, while trying to plan her future. 

The show has already been greenlit for a second season, and Good couldn't be happier. She considers the role to be one of the highlights of her career, and is excited to see what happens with Camille next. "I want her to continue to find herself and continue to figure out what she wants and what that looks like," she told Popculture in a recent interview. "And to be open to her plans changing and see where that takes her. I definitely can relate to that. And so I just want to see, where she's going to go – what's she going to do. And I'm excited for her.  I'm just getting through the scripts now. We just started our table reads. So I'm reading it. I'm like, "Oh, oh, oh! OK."

Good, who is currently going through a divorce from DeVon Franklin, related to Camille's journey in a way she never imagined. She previously told Popculture how significant Camille has been ahead of this transition of her divorce being announced.

"And I, so connected to Camille because there's so much of who she is that I am that people don't know," she said while promoting season 1 of the show. "And I haven't really got a chance to play a character like this. And I knew this was the kind of thing, the kind of character that I wanted to play…Everything about this experience has just, it's really been epic and a blessing. And one I'm so proud of and excited to share with people"