'Mayans M.C.': What to Remember About 'Sons of Anarchy' Character Lincoln Potter

Mayans M.C.'s latest surprise Sons of Anarchy return could signal a lot of trouble for the [...]

Mayans M.C.'s latest surprise Sons of Anarchy return could signal a lot of trouble for the motorcycle club, and an exciting new direction for the series.

During the final moments of "Gato/Mis," EZ is walking out of the scrapyard when a man standing across the street catches his attention.

"Lovely night for a walk," he says.

EZ begrudgingly answers "Yeah," before he keeps walking. After his a little further away he looks back at the man, doesn't recognize him and keeps walking.

The man is revealed to be Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon), and as he picks up a stray cat and looks at the scrapyard with a devilish smile, viewers get a glimpse at what he might possibly be doing in Santo Padre.

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"Tell me my fine feline friend, you roam behind those rusty gates. What unspeakable truths lie twisted amongst the scrap?" he asks the cat he's petting.

Potter was one of SAMCRO's most intellectual adversaries during the original series. He was introduced in season 4 episode "Out," where he debuted as a strange but smart Assistant U.S. Attorney with a plan to take down the Sons, the Galindo Cartel and the True Irish Republican Army.

In his plan to turn the club from the inside, Potter famously was the one to tell the Sheriff (Rockmond Dunbar) about Juice's (Theo Rossi) African-American father, which at the the time was seen as a betrayal to the Sons, given that African-Americans couldn't join the club.

The information worked to blackmail Juice into ratting out the crew, and getting Juice to steal a brick of cocaine (which would later get Miles killed and framed theft), an event that set up much of the drama of the later seasons of the series.

Potter also attempted to turn Otto (Kurt Sutter) against SAMCRO by telling him of his wife's infidelities while he was in prison. The move is what got Bobby Munson (Mark Boone Junior) into prison that season.

In the end, Potter's plans were brought down when the CIA decided to protect the Sons and back the Galindo cartel to try and get them in other ways, dismantling Potter's RICO case against the club. He was last seen during the season 4 finale and written out of the show.

Unlike many of the Sons of Anarchy's enemies throughout the series, Potter took a more intellectual than physical approach, and he is still considered one of their most formidable enemies. We can only hope his return on Mayans M.C. will be just as entertaining.

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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