'Mayans M.C.' Star Carla Baratta Weighs In on Possible EZ-Adelita Romance

Mayans M.C.'s central mystery in its first few episodes has been reliant on the enigma of Adelita (Carla Baratta) and her gang of "Los Olvidados."

Baratta captivates audiences playing the role of the mysterious leader of the group aiming at taking down Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) and the Galindo cartel, and she opened up recently about the dark journey her character and the show are taking this season.

"You cannot tell what she is thinking and what she's capable of," Baratta told Entertainment Tonight of Adelita. "All you see is what she does. So I think that's pretty interesting."

Adelita surprised both fans and the other characters when in episode 2 she and her group, known in English as "The Forgotten," kidnapped Miguel's baby and burned a shipment of heroin belonging to the cartel. And with the group sending a video of the aftermath of the attack, this seems like the beginning of a war.

Baratta told the outlet that despite the violence, her character holds a deep affection for those who were left orphaned by the cartel's actions, which includes herself.

"When Adelita was a child, she saw her family die at the hands of the cartel," Baratta told the outlet. "So now she wants to take care of the orphans that have been through the same thing that she has. So she's like a mother for all these kids. We're gonna see more about these kids, the dynamic that Adelita has with [them]. The way that she protects them and the way that she loves them, but at the same time, she wants them to be strong."

Mayans M.C. wouldn't be the sister series of Sons of Anarchy if it didn't also humanize its characters. The show has already seen Adelita sharing some quiet moments with EZ (JD Pardo), and also with his brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas).

When it comes to whether Adelita might find love with either one of the Mayans members, she says you never know.

"I don't know if Adelita is a romantic person," Baratta responded when asked about a romance coming up for her character and EZ. "I think she has other things to think about. At the same time, you can't tell your heart when is the right time to love somebody. But for sure she's really focused on other things right now... She's a woman too, so we'll never know."

Also during the interview, Baratta opened up about how the series gave her a chance to meet one of her heroes; co-star Edward James Olmos.

"I remember the first table reading that we had, I had him by my side," she said. "Like, so nervous. I was petrified. So everything he was doing, I was doing the same thing. If he opened his script, I will open my script. Everything that he was doing. So yeah, it's been an honor and he's such a gentleman and such an amazing and giving actor."

Excited to find out more about the mysterious Adelita? Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.