'Mayans M.C.': Sons of Anarchy Return Again in Episode 7

The Sons of Anarchy made another surprise return to the world of the Mayans M.C. during Tuesday's [...]

The Sons of Anarchy made another surprise return to the world of the Mayans M.C. during Tuesday's all new episode.

As the episode dealt with Felipe (Edward James Olmos) and Adelita's (Carla Baratta) potentially fatal meeting, the DEA's investigation into the cartel and the Mayans being taken over by the U.S. Attorney's office, the Sons of Anarchy made a quick appearance when they were selling guns to the club.

In the quick moment, the Sons and the Mayans amicably hugged and said hello to each other, just as the Mayans exchanged money for a new supply of guns.

As the exchange went down, EZ (JD Pardo) was distracted by a call from Kevin (Maurice Compte), letting him know that his deal to keep him out of jail fell through and he was officially a wanted man again.

The Sons previously made an appearance during the Mayans series premiere when they appeared to help the Mayans out of a sticky situation with a Samoan clan.

The scene featured the return of Les Packer (Robert Patrick), the president of the SAMDINO MC (Sons of Anarchy, San Bernardino Charter), and saw the Sons coming for the team's rescue.

This week's cameo from the Sons was far more casual, but still exciting for fans of the series.

"I love when we get a bit if sons in the Mayan mix!!!!!! Wait those are guns so does that mean the Sons didn't go legit?!?! What the hell Chibs!!?!" one user wondered.

"I'm living for these little Sons cameos!! Even if it's not Chibs, Happy, or Tig, some Sons are better than no Sons!" another user wrote.

The series also featured a cameo appearance by Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katey Sagal) in the series premiere, as well as saw Chucky (Michael Ornstein) join the cast. He was revealed to be working at the Mayans' scrap yard after the Mayans won him in a game of cards against the Sons.

One Sons of Anarchy crossover character that is already bringing trouble for the Mayans is Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon), who made his Mayans M.C. debut at the end of episode 6.

With the U.S. Attorney's office taking over the investigation, meaning EZ's deal for freedom in peril, the Mayans might need more than the Sons to get out of trouble this time around.

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

Photo Credit: FX