'Mayans M.C.' Introduces Richard Cabral as Coco: 'His Actions Speak Louder Than Words'

Mayans MC has introduced actor Richard Cabral as Coco, a Mayan crew member whose "actions speak louder than words."

In a new promo visual shared on the official Mayans MC Twitter page, Cabral's Coco can be seen staring down intently, as if he is deep in thought.

While not much is known about Coco at this time, he has been revealed to be a full-patch member of the crew rather than just a prospect.

In addition to Cabral, Mayans MC also stars J.D. Pardo, Edward James Olmos, Sarah Bolger, Clayton Cardenas, Carla Baratta, Danny Pino, Raoul Trujillo, Michael Irby, and Antonio Jaramillo.

It picks up in real time after the series finale of Sons of Anarchy and is connected to the original series through Emilio Rivera's character Marcus Alvarez, who is is the President of the Mayans MC Oakland Charter and appeared in Sons of Anarchy.

While this is Cabral's most recent role, he has actually been acting since the late 2000s, first appearing in shows like Southland and Body of Proof.

He later went on to star in films such as End of Watch, The Counselor, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, and the 2018 thriller Breaking In.

Prior to his acting career, Cabral was involved in gang activity and even went to jail for violent crime. He spoke about his past during a 2014 interview with Indiewire's LatinoBuzz, saying that it was not uncommon for young kids and teenagers to join gangs when he was growing up.

"I feel that in all kids that I've came across, that at the age of 12-13 is a big transition. They begin forming the Young Adult [the] going to become, [their] molding," he explained. "I can't put a 'name' on it but it's something. [You're] trying to find yourself, were getting ready to go to High School and as this world teaches you, you must 'belong' to something."

Cabral also spoke about the idea of a "dream role" and shared what that would look like for him.


"I can't point my finger on a 'dream role,' but the days that I'm able to fulfill the stories of the hood/barrio on film, those will be great days," he admitted. "The stories of why people from the barrio become what they've become. To show that sensitive side of a man, its always filled with macho bulls—, but we must see the other side. In film and television they never get the good stuff, well at least I feel on my behalf."

Fans can see Cabral and all the other Mayans MC crew when the series debuts on FX on Tuesday, Sept. 4.