Kurt Sutter Speaks Out About 'Mayans MC' Reshoots

It was recently announced that the pilot for Mayans MC will be undergoing a reshoot, and now series creator Kurt Sutter is speaking out.

In a tweet sent out on Wednesday, Sutter wrote, "This was the process for SOA. Shows Fox/FX's commitment to series. Allows me and Elgin to improve cast, script, and direction! #MayansMC."

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So while some felt the reshoot was cause for alarm, the shows fearless leader is reassuring fans that all is well.

Previously, it was reported that FX ordered a complete reshoot of the pilot, which includes swapping out Sutter for a new director.

Noberto Barba, who more widely known for his work on Chicago Justice, The Path, Preacher, and The Bridge, will take over directing duties for the pilot reshoot.

Kurt Sutter will still be involved, however, he will turn his focus more toward the script.

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Additionally, it's been reported that a few important roles will likely be recast also.

There is no way of knowing which actors might get cut from the line-up, but the final product will certainly not resemble whatever image fans have had for it up until this point.

Contrary to popular belief, many, if not most, shows undergo this process before they hit the air.

As Sutter mentioned in his tweet, Sons of Anarchy underwent reshoots and recasting before it finally debuted in 2008. The pilot had to be reshot after the actor playing Clay Morrow, Scott Glenn, didn't work out.

Ron Perlman was then brought in to take on the role and fans know how that turned out.


Photo Credit: Getty / Thos Robinson