'Mayans M.C.' Finale: Does EZ Actually Leave?

Mayans M.C. Season 3 finale wrapped up on Tuesday night, and naturally, fans are already wanting more. With several unanswered questions, viewers are already anticipating another season — which is now in the works. While there are several storylines that are taking place simultaneously, one that many are curious about is EZ's (JD Pardo) decision to follow Gaby (Sulem Calderon) after witnessing something so disturbing it rocked him to his core. Spoilers ahead for Season 3 finale.

Last week, Steve (Momo Rodriguez) died by suicide after he struggled to cope with the guilt of killing someone in self-defense. Leaving several, including EZ, visibly shaken, he's now choosing a different path — one he's been toggling with for a while now. In the finale, EZ made the decision to follow his heart and go with Gaby, but little did he know, his father, Felipe (Edward James Olmos), would stand in his way of opportunity.

Gaby and EZ were planning on telling his father together that their new move was to ride north so she could start her journey in nursing school and he could venture into a new life outside of violence. But when she beat him to the punch on the telling Felipe the news, he warned her that all his son would do is drag her down. Noting how much she reminded him of his late wife, he detailed that there is another part of EZ that doesn't belong with her and that he needs to stay in Santo Padre for her safety.

After EZ learned that Gaby left — his father didn't lie about the conversation the two had either — he ran to her house only to find a note. As he made his way back to the clubhouse, he was greeted with a hug from his brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas), however, that didn't seem to make him happy. This being the last scene, EZ went outside only to find that their charter was once again being attacked by fellow Mayans, leaving fans on a major cliffhanger on what will happen next.


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