Twitter Reacts to the Tree Lighting Ceremony Without Matt Lauer

If anyone missed the news of Matt Lauer's termination from the Today Show this morning, they probably heard about it tonight during NBC's live broadcast of the Christmas tree-lighting in Rockefeller Center.

The iconic anchor was absent from his usual place covering the event, but his former co-workers filled in for him.

As the annual tree-lighting ceremony began to trend on Twitter, some people who missed the morning news wondered where he had gone, while others took the time to share their reactions to the news.

"Any reason Matt Lauer is not at tree lighting event this evening?" one user wondered, while another noted that Lester Holt was filling in. Others, who had the full story, felt that Lauer's absence was a little awkward.

Of course, in a situation like this, people will interpret the actions of the Today Show crew with a lot of scrutiny, whether it's meant that way or not.

Some people couldn't help but imagine what would happen if Lauer showed up at the lighting anyway.

A few people noticed that, while Lauer is absent from the show and absent from the ads, some cable companies didn't quite catch up in time.


But, for most of the audience, no matter their stance, the tree-lighting didn't suffer from Lauer's absence. Plus, they'd never miss a chance to make jokes at the expense of a public figure.