In Matt Lauer Aftermath, NBC Tightens Policies to Combat Sexual Harassment

In the wake of Matt Lauer's termination, NBC has adopted new policies to combat workplace sexual harassment.

According to an inside source, who spoke exclusively to Page Six, the network is now demanding that employees report any inappropriate relationships in the workplace, and if they fail to do so, they risk being fired.

"Romantic relationships at work are not exactly unusual, but now NBC says it is taking a zero-tolerance approach," the inside source said. "Staffers have been told that if they find out about any affairs, romances, inappropriate relationships or behavior in the office, they have to report it to human resources, their superior or the company anti-harassment phone line. Staffers are shocked that they are now expected to snitch on their friends."

There are also a series of rule that have been issued regarding conduct in the office, which the inside source called "ridiculous." The rules forbid colleagues from sharing taxis and "taking vegans to steakhouses." One rule even details how colleagues are to hug.

"If you wish to hug a colleague, you have to do a quick hug, then an immediate release, and step away to avoid body contact."


The new rules come just weeks after Matt Lauer was terminated from Today following accusations of sexual assault, including allegations that he had a hidden button on his desk to lock his office door.

Among the women to come forward with their stories is Addie Collins, who alleges that she and the now disgraced former news anchor had a month-long affair while she was a production assistant. According to Collins, she came forward to "squash any doubts about the allegations from other women against Matt Lauer. I'm validating their stories because some of our experiences are similar."