Watch Matt Lauer Mistress on Affair Aftermath: 'Over the Years We've Been in Touch'

Addie Collins Zinone returned to Today to discuss the alleged affair she had with Matt Lauer, claiming that she and the former anchor have "been in touch."

Speaking exclusively with Megyn Kelly, Collins, who now goes by her married name Zinone, opened up about the aftermath of the affair and how it affected her relationship with Lauer, detailing what happened after she returned to her hometown for an anchoring position on a local news station and how her relationship with Lauer unfolded after.

"Over the years, yeah, we've been in touch," Zinone claimed. "We would swap emails occasionally but mostly it just came when the National Enquirer came at me."

In the detailed exposé she released last week, Zinone detailed how, shortly after returning to her hometown for an anchoring position with a local news station, she was approached by a reporter from the National Enquirer who wanted to speak to her about Lauer.

"Literally no idea," Zinone said when questioned if she knew how the reporter knew of her and the anchor. "I had told a friend or two because what else was I going to do with this? And they're very close friends, and I know that they didn't do it."

Zinone went on to tell Kelly that she told Lauer about the incident, and that he was concerned about the affair becoming public.

"'Who did you tell? Why did you tell somebody?'" she says Lauer asked her.


Zinone claims that she and Lauer had a month-long affair in the summer of 2000, when she was a 24-year-old production assistant on Today. She alleged that their sexual encounters typically occurred in studio 1A and that Lauer wouldn't communicate with her outside of that studio.

She claims that she came forward with her story to confirm the allegations that other women have made against Lauer, stating that "I'm putting my name and face out there to squash any doubts about the allegations from other women against Matt Lauer."