Watch Matt Lauer's Mistress Details Their First Physical Encounter

In a new interview with Megyn Kelly, Matt Lauer's mistress opened up and revealed details of her "first physical encounter" with the disgraced Today show host.

After being asked if the encounter took place when he invited her back to his dressing room, Addie Collins Zinone confirmed that it did, and added that she felt a lot of "confusion" and was "overwhelmed."

She explained that the two of them had just come back from a lunch together where she could tell he wanted to take things in a personal direction rather than professional, and she messaged him saying that she was "nervous" and didn't understand what was happening between them.

Lauer allegedly replied to her by inviting her to meet him in his dressing room.

Zinone stated that even though she felt trepidation, she went to Lauer's dressing room anyway because she was young and didn't have anyone else to confide her feelings in.


"In that moment, I didn't have anybody to sort of share my fears and confusion with except for him because what am I going to say to people," Zinone said.

She then went on to reveal that this became their first sexual encounter with one another but that it wasn't their last.