'The Masked Singer' Reveals the Swan, and It's a Former Disney Star

Amidst the current worldwide crisis surrounding the coronavirus, The Masked Singer provided for a positive reprieve from the global issue. On the latest episode of the show, which featured celebrities from Group C, yet another singer was unmasked. As per usual, the judges all gave their final guesses for the Swan's identity after they were eliminated. Ultimately, the Swan was unmasked and revealed to have been former Disney star, Shake It Up alum Bella Thorne.

This week's unmasking comes after the previous episode's truly shocking reveal of who was behind the Bear mask. On March 11, the Bear was unmasked and revealed to have been none other than former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. The reveal left everyone shocked, especially the judging panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Ken Jeong.

In prior weeks, many other celebrities such as Tom Bergeron, Lil Wayne, Tony Hawk, and Chaka Khan have been unmasked. Following his appearance on the FOX program, Bergeron, who appeared as the Taco, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his time on the show. When asked whether he was a fan of the show, the Dancing with the Stars host noted that he actually has a connection to The Masked Singer thanks to his time hosting the dance competition series.

"Apart from the wonderful, infectious, crazy format is that so many of the people who work on Masked Singer have also worked on Dancing over the years," he told the publication. "What made it even more bizarre is that the Masked Singer is shot on the exact same soundstage as Dancing. So during the period, which was only a few days that I was there, I had a little mask on and a hoodie and a "Don't talk to me" sweatshirt. I couldn't acknowledge the people that I usually would hug in the hall. I had to keep walking by them."

While he didn't end up victorious, Bergeron did relate that he had a great time as the Taco.


"It's unlike any experience I've ever had. I can't tell you what it's like to try to sing an Elvis song in a hard shell," he said about his costume. "The funny thing about that song too is that we shot that hours after shooting the first show. So I did the Frank Sinatra song "Fly Me to the Moon," which is a bit more in my limited wheelhouse. I was so worried about forgetting the lyrics to "Bossa Nova Baby" that I forgot all the dance moves. So I kind of look like a Taco Franken-Elvis during that particular number."