Married to Real Estate' Season 2: Little Harper Becomes the 'Boss' in New Episode (Exclusive Clip)

Two brand new episodes of Married to Real Estate Season 2 are airing tonight, and in an exclusive clip from one of them, we get to see Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson's youngest daughter Harper become the "boss." In the clip, Egypt works on a wall project — adding some paneling and a ledge — when Mike brings in 4-year-old Harper. Right away the hard-hat-wearing pre-schooler has some suggestions and lets her mom know.

"Mommy, it's crooked," Harper yells with a smile. Sherrod asks, "What, what is she saying?" Jackson reluctantly replies, "She said it's crooked. Sherrod takes a look at the nearly complete wood panel structure and tells them "I'm not crooked. I'm not done yet." Jackson then tell Harper to tell Sherrod, "Take it down a little bit." Sherrod quips back, "Are you critiquing my work...? If you could do better, I'd like to see you try, little girl." Harper eventually tells her mom to "get back to work," and "move it." Sherrod says with a laugh, "Ok, Yes boss." Finally, the clip ends with Jackson telling Harper to say, "Time is money."

Married to Real Estate returned for Season 2 in January, with Sherrod and Jackson revealing that the projects they take on "get a lot bigger" this time around. While speaking exclusively to, Sherrod and Jackson gave us some hints as to what fans can expect when Season 2 kicks off. "Growth individually, as a couple, as a family," Sherrod shared. 

"You see more of our whole team. You see the business grow," she continued, then teasing, "You see the projects get a lot bigger. Come on, after winning Rock the Block season three we were like, 'Okay, now we're going to have to go home and step it up. People are going to expect even more from us now." Sherrod added, "So even more amazing designs... And just bigger projects. But you know, with bigger projects and bigger budgets comes bigger problems sometimes. So there's going to be some drama."

Fans can catch up on all the creativity, hard work, and family fun, when a new episode of Married to Real Estate airs Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the season finale at 9pm ET/PT. The show is also available to stream on discovery+. Check out our full conversation with the show's stars in the video above, keep it locked to PopCulture for more exciting news, interviews, and exclusives from your favorite shows!