'Mad About You' Revival Reportedly in the Works

A few public comments from Paul Reiser may turn into a full-blown sitcom revival, as Sony is reportedly looking into a reboot of Mad About You.

When asked about it during a press event ahead of Stranger Things season 2, Reiser — one of the show's stars and co-creators — said that "it's possible.

"I've thought about it. I always said no to a reunion or a reboot, and now that everybody keeps asking, it's possible… I always said if there's a reason for it, if there's a story to tell," Reiser told reporters from E! News in October.

Now, multiple sources have told reporters from TVLine that informal discussions on the project have started up at Sony, the show's original distributor. Reiser is reportedly enthusiastic about the possibility, taking initiative to try to get the green light.

"As my own kids are getting older, I think 'this is a very different point in life,' " Reiser said back in October. "It starts to feel... like the 2.0 version of getting married. It's like 'Oh, here's another point in life that we don't know what the heck is going to happen.' "

Insiders say the proposed revival would likely revolve around Paul and Jamie in the midst of their empty nest syndrome, after their daughter from the original series, Mabel, went off to college. Reports say the idea is for Mabel to be 17 years old, which could leave the original finale unchanged. The show ended in 1999 with a 22-year flash-forward.

So far, sources say NBC is not involved in the discussions. If it came up, the network would likely be on board for a revival, since Mad About You was an enormous hit for them through the 90s. Not to mention the success they had this year with the reboot of Will and Grace.


As the show's co-creator, Reiser stressed that it was important to him that the show be brought back for a narrative purpose.

"I'm open to it if we come up with a great idea and if America needs it," he said back in October. "If there's a want, if there's a demand, we'll see."