Lindsey Morgan Teases Expectations for 'Walker': 'It's Not a Typical Cop Show' (Exclusive)

Walker is set to premiere on The CW Thursday, and it will be a reboot of the 1990s hit series Walker, Texas Ranger. While Walker will have the same principles as the original series that starred Chuck Norris, it will be a much different show. recently caught up with Lindsey Morgan, who plays Micki in Walker, and she said the show is about family.

"I want fans to know that it's not a typical procedural cop show," Morgan said in our PopCulture@Home series. It's not just Walker finding the bad guy of the week. The show is at its heart a family drama. It's about a man who suffered a great loss in his family. He's putting the pieces of his life back together after that."

Walker stars Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker who is a Texas Ranger who returns to Austin, Texas after being undercover for a year. Before he left, Walker's wife was killed and now he's trying to reconnect with his son, August, and his daughter, Stella. Walker also has a new partner, Micki (Morgan) who was just promoted as a Texas Ranger and is making sure Walker doesn't do anything to screw things up for her.

"She's so fierce, strong and fearless," Morgan said when talking about Micki. "She's very active in her purpose and her mission. She doesn't let anything stand in her way. Once she decides to do something, she does it. Before she joined the force, she was disenchanted with law enforcement after being a state trooper for seven years and wasn't sure if she was going to continue in law enforcement."

One of the things that makes Micki interesting is that her character doesn't exist in Walker, Texas Ranger. Because of that and the whole storyline of Walker, Morgan was told not to watch the original series. "I was actually deterred from watching it," Morgan stated. "Our showrunner said 'No, no. Please do not watch it. We're doing a completely new re-telling of Walker and I don't want you to have any preconceived notions of what this is.' ...Technically, my character doesn't exist in the original story."


Morgan previously starred in the hit CW series The 100, which was one of the big reasons why she was able to land the role of Micki on Walker. And while Morgan never worked with Padalecki prior to Walker, the two were able to gel very quickly. "It felt like my parents trying to arrange a marriage," Morgan said when talking about the first time she met Padelicki — which was at a chemistry read for Walker. "The network knew us both and really love us and support us. We work so well together and the show is great for both of us."