'Lethal Weapon' Alum Clayne Crawford Sends Charitable Message in First Post Since Damon Wayans' Exit

Clayne Crawford returned to Twitter on Wednesday evening, declining to address Damon Wayans' [...]

Clayne Crawford returned to Twitter on Wednesday evening, declining to address Damon Wayans' Lethal Weapon exit just hours after the announcement.

Crawford was fired from his role as Martin Riggs on Lethal Weapon back in the spring, with numerous reports of dangerous behavior on set. On Wednesday, two episodes into the new season, Wayans announced that he would be leaving later this year, as the job is simply too much for him. Crawford was online a few hours later, but he did not address his former partner's news, posting instead about his anti-bullying initiative.

Crawford retweeted a post from his organization, the Clayne Crawford Foundation, which is dedicated to ending bullying through his celebrity influence.

"Combating a long time battle starts from the inside out," it read. "Join us this month to #parentOUTbullying."

"Excited to start a dialogue this month on parenting, and how we can make a change with #bullying!" Crawford himself added. "Join US to #parentOUTbullying."

Crawford tagged his organization as well as another anti-bullying group, and added the hashtag for National Bullying Prevention Month.

While many fans were thankful for Crawford's focus on anti-bullying, some wished he would address the shake up on his old show, especially since he left so recently. In fairness, there's a chance that Crawford simply did not not know about Wayans yet. The announcement came as a huge surprise, and has not been corroborated by anyone else in the production.

Meanwhile, Crawford's anti-bullying posts are not a new distraction. The actor has been dedicated to his campaign for awhile now. On the organization's website, the impetus for the foundation and his role in it is explained more clearly.

"[Clayne Crawford] hopes to use his influence in the Arts & Entertainment industry to inspire others, and their visions to provide care, and support for those in need. He understands what great potential can come from building a community founded on family values. He celebrates two grandfathers, and multiple extended family members, who have dedicated their lives to America's military service. Through this foundation, he will give back to those who have fought, and sacrificed so much for our country," the description reads.

Wayans will reportedly appear in the first half of Lethal Weapon season 3, before taking his leave in December. The show airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.