'Law & Order: SVU' Olivia and Elliot Hold Hands in New Crossover Promo

Fans of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit have been invested in the relationship between Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) for years, and Meloni's return to the Law & Order universe with Law & Order: Organized Crime has caused many to hope that a romantic relationship could be on the horizon for these former partners. A massive crossover event is on the horizon between SVU and Organized Crime, and people are freaking out about the teaser.

The two-part crossover even will hit NBC on Dec. 9, and In the teaser, Stabler and Benson are seen holding hands during an emotional car ride. While the episode also signals the return of the fan-favorite ADA-turned-defense attorney, Rafael Barba (Raúl Esparza), who is set to defend Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) in court. However, Barba's appearance was overshadowed by this quiet moment of intimacy. Could Stabler and Benson finally be going there?

"It's undefinable, but you know it when you feel it," Meloni told TV Insider in September about the chemistry between these two characters. "For me personally, one of its main cornerstones is humor," he added. "I think the mutual love, respect, chemistry and trust between these two characters creates a unique bond," Hargitay said. 

The duo recently reflected on their two-decade friendship at the Glamour Women of the Year red carpet event. The actress opened up about the "meaningful" relationship she shares with Meloni, who she claims knows her "pretty well" after her husband –– whom she also met while working on SVU

"So it's very meaningful, especially after the journey we've had these 22 years. The creative journey, the trust, the friendship, he's sort of seen it all," she told Entertainment Tonight. Hargitay was honored at the event alongside rapper Megan Thee Stallion and poet Amanda Gorman. Meloni was present on stage to introduce her to the crowd. "You know we've gotten in there, we've gotten dirty," she continued. "So it's very meaningful for me to have it presented by him."


Meloni spoke very highly of his good friend during his speech. "I have been trusted with one task tonight, introduce someone who needs no introduction, who I've been working with for 13 years, and been friends with for 22," he said, per Glamour. He went on to describe her as "Radiant. Charming. Funny. Embracing. Generous. Elegant. Honest. Appreciative. Inclusive. Direct. Vivacious. That's my favorite one: vivacious."