Mariska Hargitay's Husband Jokes About Sharing Her With 'Law & Order' Co-Star Christopher Meloni

With Mariska Hargitay reunited with her former Law & Order: SVU partner Chris Meloni, her husband Peter Hermann might have to get used to sharing his wife more often. Hermann jokes the long-running star of the drama, can't get enough of her ex-work husband –– certainly not after his character Detective Elliot Stabler confessed his love for her on the new spinoff Law & Order: Organized Crime.

"They're worried about you because they care," Benson said in the episode during the detective's intervention, just before Stabler's announcement. Stabler refused though and told Benson to talk to Bell. "If there were any problems, she would recognize it," Stabler said. Benson went on to ask Stabler to share with the group what he needs. "I love you," he said, shocking everyone in the room.

With the on-screen duo back in action, Hargitay's husband jokingly says the couple has transformed into a throuple. "We make it work," Hermann tells E! "Sometimes Chris and I have some things to negotiate but we've gotten really good at communicating with each other. There's a lot of give and take. Kind of in the end all three of us are really happy."

Though he's still adjusting to the new territory, the actor has other business to occupy his mind like the final season of Younger on Paramount+. "I'll miss telling the stories for sure, but I'll miss the people," Hermann said, praising his co-stars. "We were extremely lucky with the cast. We couldn't love each other more."


Since the show is coming to a close, so is another popular love triangle. Hermann's character Charles found himself in a situation with Liza (Sutton Foster), who was also seeing Josh (Nico Tortorella). However, viewers will find out about Liza's decision soon. "I think that the extraordinary thing about the writing on the show is you really get the sense that she picks herself first. She doesn't need a relationship or a man to fulfill her," Hermann reveals. "She picks herself." But he still hopes Charles will finally win Liza's heart. "My non-diplomatic answer is, I would pick me!"