Laura Prepon Discusses Possibility of a ‘That ‘70s Show’ Reboot: ‘It’s Kind of Like in a Time Capsule’ (Exclusive)

Laura Prepon isn't ready to go back to the '70s just yet. Speaking with, the [...]

Laura Prepon isn't ready to go back to the '70s just yet. Speaking with, the actress revealed that despite the fan demand for a That '70s Show reboot, she doesn't think she'd be ready to step back into the shoes of Donna Pinciotti, the character she portrayed for all eight seasons of the beloved Fox sitcom.

"I don't think so," Prepon said. "I mean, look, I love that show. That show is like, it was my first thing, and I did it for eight years, and I love that show. I love that cast. I loved the crew, and I learned so much from our director, David Trainer, who directed every episode except for the pilot. He was like our father. That show was so special to me, but it's kind of like in a time capsule."

"For me personally, it was such a special time," she added. "It's kind of like, someone who has a great experience at college. You graduate, and I don't think you'd want to go back through college again and go through the stuff, but you really are like, 'Wow, what an experience that molded me in so many different ways.' And you know, hopefully you had a great experience doing it, but it's kind of like in this little capsule. I don't know. I don't think I would do that. But, I love that show and we're all still close and it's just amazing."

Also starring Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Wilmer Valderrama, Topher Grace, and Danny Masterson, That '70s Show first premiered on Aug. 23, 1998 on Fox, where it ran for eight seasons until its series finale in 2006. During that time, Prepon portrayed Eric Forman's (Topher Grace) love interest Donna, and the series racked up 16 Primetime Emmy Awards nominations.

Ever since the series came to an end, fans have been rallying for a reboot, with many of Prepon's former co-stars, all of whom have remained close, weighing in on the possibility. Just this past November, it was revealed that there have even been discussions for a potential reunion movie, though nothing is currently in the works.

While a That '70s Show reboot might not be on her agenda right now, Prepon can't deny the lingering popularity of the series. Although fans once clamored to don Alex Vause costumes, channeling the actress' former Orange Is the New Black character, Prepon said that more recently, fans have been drawing inspiration from Donna, something she credits to the series being easily accessible on streaming services.

"At Halloween, for most of the last seven years on Orange, everyone was dressed up, so many people in my social media community were dressed up as Alex, where it was like all of these Alex pictures, which was so cool. They were all dressed up as Alex with the glasses, and the tattoos, and the all of it," she said. "And then in the last two years, I cannot tell you how many people were dressed up as Donna. And that's kind of how I gauge it, on what they're dressing up as for Halloween. I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, that's what they're watching,' because there were so many Eric and Donna's, especially this year, but then last year too, and I'm like, 'This has got to be because of streaming again.'"

Talk of a reboot came as Prepon took on another important role: mom of two. After welcoming daughter Ella in 2017, she and husband Ben Foster welcomed their second child in February of this year, with Prepon admitting that being a working mom isn't always easy.

"It's a constant negotiation because you have this mom guilt of wanting to still do your career and also be a great mother, and it's a struggle. I struggled with mom guilt with career and self-care, and one of the main things that's really helped me is quality over quantity," she said. "For me, it's quality over quantity where when I'm with my family, I am with my family and I am not distracted by work, or my phone, or emails, or anything. I am present and there. And that is something that really helped me because if you do quality over quantity, then that time you have is really precious and real and it's not distracted."

Prepon opens up about her experience with motherhood in her new book, You and I, as Mothers: A Raw and Honest Guide to Motherhood, which hits shelves on Tuesday.