'Last Man Standing' Star Jet Jurgensmeyer Goes on Tour After Releasing New Music Video for 'This Is Your Moment'

Last Man Standing star Jet Jurgensmeyer just released a new music video for his song "This Is Your Moment," which gives his fans a taste of Jurgensmeyer's life.

The video highlights Jurgensmeyer standing on stage in the spotlight surrounded by an empty theater — which is not an unfamiliar space for him — as it goes back and forth from that, to scenes that show kids his age trying to own their personal moment in life.

In an exclusive with PopCulture.com, the young sitcom star and singer/songwriter revealed what his new single represents, while admitting how its highly representative of his direction.

"Obviously the performing side of it because on stage is where I want to be," Jurgensmeyer told PopCulture.com. "That's what I want to do with my life, whether it's music or whether it's on a sound stage doing Last Man Standing. That's what I want to do — it talks to everybody but it means something to me because it says this is your moment, you gotta own it!"

The song's moving lyrics give fans a glimpse of how the child star has overcome obstacles throughout the years and owned some of his biggest moments, landing him roles in big movies and popular sitcoms.

With his album set to release this summer, the young musician has dedicated several months of his busy schedule to not only the single, but the entire album, while alluding to similarities within a rigorous process to that of "raising a child."

"Interesting, very interesting, because it's kind of like raising a child in a way seeing the songs come from the demos to the rough vocals, and mixing the vocals with the tracks," he said.

The release of his music video isn't the only exciting thing happening for the Last Man Standing star, this year he'll also be hitting the road for his very first tour.

"I'm excited about it, I'm really excited! I'm nervous at the the same time but I'm excited because it's a tour!" he enthused.

Between touring, filming Last Man Standing, creating new music, school and summer activities, it's safe to say Jurgensmeyer stays more than busy. However, he enjoys the hectic lifestyle and credits his close friends and family for keeping him grounded throughout the process.


"I think it kind of all comes back to family and good friends kind of keeping me grounded," he admits. "It's fun though because I get to do what I love every single day. Performing it what I love, comedy — I love comedy — so Last Man Standing is awesome!"

For more information on the release of Jurgensmeyer's album and tour dates, check out his official website.