Kevin Dillon Reunites With 'Entourage' Team for New Series (Exclusive)

Kevin Dillon has revealed he'll be reuniting with some of his Entourage team for a brand new series, Ramble On. spoke to Dillon exclusively while was promoting his recent action movie, A Day To Die, where he offered some insight into the new project. After being asked about whether or not he'd want to do an Entourage revival of some kind, Dillon said, "100%. I would love to do a reboot."

The Emmy-nominated actor then went on to share, "We are doing something really cool right now. It's called Ramble On. We just shot the pilot. That's why I only saw the show last night, that's why I saw A Day To Die last night for the first time because I've been working. But it's called Ramble On. Doug Ellin is the creator, who also created Entourage. Kevin Connolly, the guy who played E, is in it. We got Charlie Sheen and a bunch of other great guys. That's going to be really cool. It's not a reboot, but I think it could be a really cool show."

Dillon continued, "But yeah. I would love to do a reboot. That show was so fun. I never had more fun than I did on Entourage. It was good." PopCulture also recently spoke with fellow Entourage alum Emmanuelle Chriqui, who revealed her thoughts on participating in a cast reunion, should the opportunity arise. While speaking exclusively about her new movie Cosmic Dawn, Chriqui offered an enthusiastic "yes" when asked if she'd ever want to reunite on-screen with her former Entourage castmates. "Yes. I mean that crew, they're my brothers for life," she told PopCulture. "Whatever Doug is up to, Kevin is up to, I've done the Victory podcast so many times. Yes — I mean just yes. It'd be trippy. Everybody else is doing it. Why not us?" 

Entourage ran for eight seasons, from 2004 until its finale in 2019. It was executive produced by Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson and was very loosely based on Wahlberg's experiences as an up-and-coming film star. Following its ending, the series spawned a revival film in 2015. Victory The Podcast features Ellin and Dillon reliving the hit HBO series one episode at a time and reflecting on it while offering listeners some behind-the-scenes details.