How Will Kaley Cuoco's New Series Affect 'The Big Bang Theory'?

Kaley Cuoco fans were thrilled to hear that the actress would be starring in and producing a new series, but what does that mean for The Big Bang Theory?

Cuoco has led the CBS sitcom for all of its 11 seasons and was expected to return for season 12. However, a commitment to a new series in on- and off-screen roles could make her schedule messy.

The show, titled The Flight Attendant, is planned to be a limited series and will be co-produced by Cuoco's Norman Productions and Warner Bros. This makes logistics for both series more manageable.

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It's possible that Cuoco could take the off-season break from Big Bang to film The Flight Attendant, as it presumably wouldn't have a large episode count.

Alternatively, she could take a hiatus from the beloved sitcom in order to free up time for the new series. This would obviously be undesirable for fans, the network and even Cuoco herself. Ratings could dip with Cuoco gone, and the actress prides herself on her connection to the Big Bang loyal.

It could be managed, though, as Warner Bros. produces both programs and would be more willing to let Cuoco swap over.

Another option would be for production on The Flight Attendant to be held off until Cuoco finishes up her time on Big Bang.

The show is rumored to come to an end after season 12; so, depending on how long producers want to wait on the show, it could be postponed until 2019.

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This could be a wise move, as it would give Cuoco her first post-Big Bang starring role and show that she's capable of being known for more than just Penny.

Cuoco has yet to speak on if the new role will conflict with the hit series, but seems thrilled about the project and eager to start it.

"We cannot wait to start work on our first project, The Flight Attendant," Cuoco wrote on Instagram. "Thank you to everyone who made this possible (Especially Norman)."


The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

Photo Credit: CBS / Sonja Flemming