Jerry Seinfeld Weighs in on Potential 'Seinfeld' Reboot

The beloved sitcom Seinfeld makes the jump to Netflix on Oct. 1, with all 173 episodes available to stream starting Friday. With the '90s classic being available for a whole new generation of fans, the inevitable discussion of what a Seinfeld reboot would look like in 2021. Shows like Full House, Saved by the Bell, and Frasier have or will soon be making the jump into the 2020s, so many are wondering if Seinfeld could be next?

Creator and star Jerry Seinfeld was asked that very question in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, and the comedian shut down that idea pretty quickly. "It would seem sad to me. It would seem like we couldn't think of a new idea," he said bluntly.

When asked If he would be Interested In gathering fellow stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Stiller Dead: Jason Alexander Pays Tribute to 'Seinfeld' Dad, and Michael Richards for a Friends style reunion, Seinfeld dismissed that Idea as well. When asked if a reunion could be a way to get Alexander an Emmy (he was the only main cast member to never win for his role as George Costanza), Seinfeld replied "I don't think you win Emmys for that stuff." When reminded that the Friends reunion was nominated for an Emmy this year, he quipped "But they didn't win!"

Seinfeld was a bit more positive when it came to the second slide that Seinfeld could have on a streaming service like Netflix. ""There was nothing like this in the '90s," he said. "We went to VCRs and then we had DVDs, then we had syndication, local television, cable, now streaming, it's like Jurassic Park, this show. We're bringing this dinosaur back to life."


Seinfeld also explained that he felt that the sitcom had a timeless quality that would still resonate with people today. "I think the show was about having fun and making fun of ordinary things, of life," he explained. "It's relatable, but there's an obsessive, neurotic, New York quality that takes it to another level." Seinfeld also revealed that his oldest daughter Sascha had watched the entire series. "I asked her once, I walked in the room and I saw her watching it and I asked her. I said, 'Are you watching this because you like the show or because your dad is in it?'" he joked. "And she thought for a second and she went, 'I don't know.'"