Former 'The Goldbergs' Star Hints Show Is Ending Sooner Than Expected

The Goldbergs could be wrapping soon. The ABC sitcom is currently in its 9th season, and in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, former star Jeff Garlin hinted that the show could be ending its run next year. While the interview mostly focused on the allegations of inappropriate behavior on set that were made against Garlin that eventually led to his firing, the comedian also weighed in on ending the show soon.

When asked how much of the season was left to film, Garlin replied "I think seven episodes left, eight episodes? So not that much time. And I don't know, my gut feeling is we won't be back next year." He also expressed apprehension about being renewed for season 10. Garlin will not be participating in the remaining episodes left to film and will be replaced with a stand-in and previously unused footage.

"I actually have no idea. Usually, they would give us an idea, 'Yeah, we're definitely bringing you back.' And the fact that we're the first show of the night, and we're very popular and we set the tone for everybody else," Garlin said. "But we're in a world where ABC doesn't own the show. Sony does, they own the other shows of that night. So it's about money and the bottom line. That's all."

Garlin was also pressed about whether or not the rumors that he had only worked one day a week were true. "Sometimes," the Curb Your Enthusiasm star admitted. "There are certain episodes where I have to work all week. But see, here's the thing—I didn't want to come back. I'd had my fill of it. And also I was very disgusted by the whole HR thing of the past few years. But I love the crew. I love everybody I work with. And if I say 'No,' I'm feeling like there's no show. So I said, 'We can do these episodes, I can do four days. And then other times, please shoot me out in one day,' and they agreed to it." 


Garlin also admitted that he was "bored" by the work on the long-running comedy, which made him consider leaving production. "No other reason. Well, bored, and I was frustrated with the parameters that were being put on me by Sony, which they have every right to [enact]," Garlin said. "And I have every right when I'm not under contract to decide not to come back. That's all it was. But I love the people I work with and I didn't want the work to end for them. So I did my part in keeping the show going, even though I would have been happy not doing the show." Between Garlin's exit and the loss of George Segal, it might be a wrap on The Goldbergs sooner rather than later.