Jared Padalecki 'Cannot Wait' for 'Supernatural' Co-Star Jensen Ackles to Guest Star on 'Walker'

It has been three months since Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles last appeared on the screen together in the Supernatural series finale, but Padalecki is hoping that he and his former co-star will soon be reuniting on The CW's latest hit, Walker, Texas Ranger. Officially debuting the network in late January and already scoring a Season 2 renewal, the series has quickly become a massive hit for the network, with Padalecki opening up about his hopes for the series' future in a recent interview with TVLine.

Speaking with the outlet about everything from his long-running gig on Supernatural to his character's Season 1 evolution, Padalecki teased that he "cannot wait" for the possibility of his Supernatural brother dropping by. The actor acknowledged that while his former co-star is currently busy doing other work, explaining, "he's doing The Boys right now with [Eric] Kripke in Toronto, so he's not even in the same country," he expressed hope that once Ackles' schedule clears, he'll be able to make a guest appearance on Walker. The actor joked, "one of these days, he'll have to come on and be my bow-legged friend. We'll put him on horseback and give him a cowboy hat."

Although there are currently no concrete plans to have Ackles one day drop onto the set and appear in an episode, it isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility. Several Supernatural actors have landed gigs on other The CW shows, and Padalecki's Walker co-star, Lindsey Morgan, joined the cast after fellow CW series The 100 came to a close last year, meaning there's more than just a slim probability for Ackles showing up. In fact, Ackles has shown himself to be a staunch supporter of the new series. As Walker geared up to makes its debut, Ackles took to Instagram to celebrate, writing, "Go get 'em cowboy. [Walker] starts tonight starring this guy I know. [Jared PAdalecki] I better see some sweet roundhouse kicks!!!"

Thankfully, while Ackles may not appear in any Season 1 episodes, there is more than enough room for him to show up in the future. On Wednesday, Walker, Texas Ranger was renewed for a second season alongside 11 other series on the network. In announcing the renewal, CW President Mark Pedowitz cited the "huge success" of Walker. The series marked The CW's most-watched series premiere in five years, taking the reins from DC Legends of Tomorrow, which debuted in 2016. Entertainment Weekly reported the series drew in 2.43 million viewers with its first episode, the largest audience of any premiere on the network since The Flash's season 4 debut in 2017.


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