'Jane The Virgin' Kills off Major Character Ahead of Series Finale

Jane The Virgin's major showdown with the evil Sin Rostro did not disappoint before the series' [...]

Jane The Virgin's major showdown with the evil Sin Rostro did not disappoint before the series' emotional final episode. The CW dramedy set the stage for a major confrontation between Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and international criminal Rose (Bridget Regan) after she escaped from prison in last week's episode, and the big climax led to a shocking death.

Spoilers ahead for Jane The Virgin "Chapter Ninety-Eight"

The first half of the second to last chapter in the Villanuevas' story found Jane suffering from intense anxiety over Rose's escape, fearing that the evil maniac would threaten her and her family once again in her plans to get to Luisa (Yada Martinez).

Her fears failed to materialize at first as Jane continued to deal with the sale of her novel, and even spent an afternoon reuniting with her former love Michael (Brett Dier) for one last goodbye.

Things seemed to be on the ups ahead of Rogelio's (Jaime Camil) big premiere party for his show, This Is Mars, when Jane was surprised by Rose at her and Rafael's apartment.

Rose held Jane hostage and promised to kill her family if she didn't help her reunite with her ex-girlfriend. Their tense reunion is not without some interesting moments, as Rose revealed she was honored with her big part on Jane's novel.

After reaching out to Luisa, Rose and Jane agreed to meet her at the site of the big party, which forced Jane to hide what was going on from her family. At the This Is Mars premiere party, Jane and Rose sneak in dressed as alien waiters and Jane tries her best to quietly signal at Rafael to save her, though it seemed her attempts were futile.

On the roof, Jane finally got the strength to stand up to the big bad and she tells her that no matter how hard she tried she would never win. Rose seemed entertained by the act of valor but before she can kill Jane she is tackled by Rafael, who gets in front of the villain and the love of his life. As all hope seemed lost, Rose prepared to kill them when Luisa appeared in the last second and managed to stop her. In the struggle Rose fell from the roof into the party and died after getting impaled in a statue, a reference to Sin Rostro's first kill in the show's first season.

After Rose's death, Rafael and Jane made amends with Luisa and invite her to their upcoming nuptials, and after Rafael decided to quit his job at Marbella in favor for more time with his family it seemed like him and Jane would be headed toward a "smaller life."

Things changed quickly, however, after an auction lands Jane with a $500,000 book deal that will likely change their lives forever.

How will it all end? Jane The Virgin's series finale will air Wednesday, July 31, starting with a special retrospective episode at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.