Is the Original 'Gossip Girl' Returning? What to Know About the Rumors

Hello, Upper East Siders, if you thought the end of the Gossip Girl reboot was the end of GG, think again. Some fans think the original Gossip Girl may be coming back, and in true GG fashion, she has everyone talking about it. In May, the official Gossip Girl Instagram randomly posted a photo of the old gang, saying, "Welcome back, Upper East Siders. After a long time away, I see it didn't take much time for you to dirty up the clean slates I gave you."

The original Gossip Girl ended in 2012, and the reboot premiered in 2021 before being canceled earlier this year after the second season aired on then-HBO Max. Of course, it's unknown what prompted Gossip Girl's comeback, but from the sounds of her caption, it seems like she isn't happy about the way the reboot went and may be trying to bring back her followers. But what does this mean?

As of now, there isn't anything that confirms that the original Gossip Girl is coming back, but the Instagram account has been pretty active since the surprise return, posting clips and photos from the original series. Of course, this could mean anything since a lot of shows still keep their social media accounts active even after the series has ended in order to keep the fans engaged. It's possible the same thing could be happening here. Considering it is Gossip Girl, you never know what she or he could have up their sleeve. Though since the reboot didn't do that well if anything else pertaining to the CW series is being planned, it may be a while simply because they would want to do it right.

If Gossip Girl were to ever return, it would only work if the original cast were on board as well. There were a few returns in the reboot, including Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina Sparks and Margaret Colin as Eleanor Waldorf-Rose, as well as Kristen Bell returning as the voice of GG, so it's always possible that something could happen later down the line. Currently, though, aside from the active Gossip Girl Instagram, it doesn't seem like any reboot or return is in the works, at least for now. That could definitely change in the near future, though, so fans may want to keep their eyes out on the account just in case anything happens. To prepare for any possible comeback, though, all six seasons of the original Gossip Girl are streaming on Max, but just know that Gossip Girl is always watching.