Is Major 'This is Us' Character Returning for Final Season?

With the announcement that This Is Us will be ending after the upcoming sixth season, many fans [...]

With the announcement that This Is Us will be ending after the upcoming sixth season, many fans began speculating how the emotional saga of the Pearson family is going to wrap up. With the shocking reveal that Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) did not end up marrying Madison (Caitlin Thompson), some began speculating that The One Who Got Away, his ex-wife Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge), could return and be the woman Kevin is married to in the flash-forward scene.

Breckenridge, who is currently starring in Netflix's Virgin River, was asked in an interview with Us Weekly about whether or not she was planning on returning to This Is Us, and Breckenridge seemed game. Breckenridge had a recurring role on the NBC show for the first season before being promoted to series regular in season two. She settled into the role of guest star for the following three seasons while working on Virgin River and other projects.

"The reality is that I shoot Virgin River in Canada at the exact same time that they shoot This Is Us in Los Angeles. So for the last couple of years, I wasn't able to do it. I was actually supposed to be doing it. They asked me back to do it," Breckenridge explained. "Because of scheduling conflicts, I just wasn't able to. So I think they've been really hoping that it would work out maybe in the future. So we'll see — maybe something, maybe I'll be able to come back either in a love interest capacity or in an old friend capacity."

Breckenridge also shared a little bit about a scene that hasn't been used in the show that could hint at a Sophie and Kevin endgame. "I did do a scene where they did old makeup, but I don't think it made it to the show," the Walking Dead alum explained. "Every time they've asked me to come back in the past, I'm like, I hope that I'm in the house at the end of the show and you see me in, like, old makeup and everybody's like, 'What? Oh, my gosh!' And like, you're not sure if she's just there because their mom is in hospice or if they're together. I really hope that happens." Breckenridge is currently promoting Virgin River's third season, which hits Netflix on July 7.