'HTGAWM' Fall Finale Reveals Who Died at the Wedding

How to Get Away With Murder caught up to the night of Oliver and Connor's wedding, and the bloody end of one of the series' core relationships.

Thursday's fall finale, titled "I Want to Love You Until The Day I Die," circled on the fateful wedding day and showed as Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) exchanged vows and saw their families get together to celebrate the big day.

Annalise — who was revealed to be drinking again ever since the mysterious death of Nate's (Billy Brown) death — and Nate worked to investigate his father's death, getting close to identifying a person who made a call to the prison just before the police officers killed Nate Sr.

(Photo: ABC)

Bonnie (Liza Weil) struggled to juggle her responsibilities at her job, her relationship with Interim D.A. Ronald Miller (John Hensley) and keeping an eye on Analise after her relapse.

She is also keeping a secret from Annalise with Frank (Charlie Weber) and Laurel (Karla Souza) about the identity of Gabriel Maddox (Rome Flynn). The secret and her relationship with Annalise leads to an argument with Ronald, who admits he feels as if he is in a love triangle with Bonnie and Annalise.

Just before the wedding, Bonnie and Ronald argue about Annalise, and he crosses the line after he brings up her "issues" and her past. The tense moment leads to Bonnie leaving Ronald behind at her house while she attends the wedding, though that is not the last time we see him.

After Oliver and Connor exchange vows, things happen quickly at the reception as Annalise starts to drink, Laurel leaves her baby with Oliver's mother – who then leaves Christopher in Bonnie's arms when her favorite song starts to play.

Oliver leaves the reception for second to take a call from his dad — who is revealed to be an important businessman in the Middle East and his job prevents him from attending — as Nate receives a call revealing that security camera footage shows Ronald making the call to the prison that supposedly ordered his father's death.

In a blind rage, Nate runs into Ronald in the parking lot outside the reception and he confronts him about his involvement on his father's death. Ronald vehemently denies the claims, but Nate blows up on his former boss and starts to beat him up almost to death.

With Christopher in her arms, Bonnie heads outside after someone tells her that Ronald is there and she is horrified when she finds him close to death, bruised up and on the ground. She then finds Nate mortified at what he's done and he tells her what he found out. She tells him to get away from there and she'll figure out what to do.


With tears rolling down her eyes, Bonnie covers her boyfriend's mouth and nose and kills him. She later returned to the party with some blood on her leg, but she told Michaela (Aja Naomi King) that everything was fine.

This latest death will likely cause trouble in Annalise's fight against the governor, though she will have her own problems now that she found out Gabriel's real identity. How to Get Away With Murder returns with new episodes in January on ABC.