HGTV 'Married to Real Estate' Season 2: Egypt's Salsa Dancing Welcomed Distraction for Mike (Exclusive Clip)

Married to Real Estate Season 2 is dropping a brand new episode on HGTV this week and, in an exclusive clip, Egypt Sherrod distracts her husband Mike Jackson with a little salsa dancing. In the short episode teaser, Jackson is on a work call while Sherrod is trimming some rose stems. Suddenly she gets a mischievous look in her eye and whips out her phone to play some music.

A visibly confused Jackson hangs up his call and goes to investigate the loud music, only to find his loving wife salsa-dancing with a rose in her mouth. Unable to resist, Jackson takes Sherrod's hands and joins in. It turns out that the mother of three has been secretly learning new moves to impress her husband. "You're cute when you dance," Sherrod says in a side confessional with the pair. She then recalled that his dancing on their "first date" was something that drew her to him. Jackson later praised his spouse, saying, "Anytime my wife says she's gonna do something, she gets it done." Check out the full clip above!

Married to Real Estate returned for Season 2 in January, with Sherrod and Mike Jackson revealing that the projects they take on "get a lot bigger" this time around. While speaking exclusively to, Sherrod and Jackson gave us some hints as to what fans can expect when Season 2 kicks off. "Growth individually, as a couple, as a family," Sherrod shared. 

"You see more of our whole team. You see the business grow," she continued, then teasing, "You see the projects get a lot bigger. Come on, after winning Rock the Block season three we were like, 'Okay, now we're going to have to go home and step it up. People are going to expect even more from us now." Sherrod added, "So even more amazing designs... And just bigger projects. But you know, with bigger projects and bigger budgets comes bigger problems sometimes. So there's going to be some drama."

Fans can catch up on all the creativity, hard work, and family fun, when Married to Real Estate airs Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The show is also available to stream on discovery+. Check out our full conversation with the show's stars in the video above, keep it locked to PopCulture for more exciting news, interviews, and exclusives from your favorite shows!