'Heels' Cast Members Say Season 2 of Starz Series Is 'Electrifying' (Exclusive)

We talked to Allen Maldonado, Robby Ramos and Trey Tucker about the new season of 'Heels.'

Heels Season 2 premiered on Starz last week and took a look back at how the Duffy Wrestling League became what it is now. With seven episodes remaining in the second season, fans should expect more action than what was seen in the first eight episodes of the series. PopCulture spoke exclusively to Heels stars Allen Maldonado, Robby Ramos and Trey Tucker, and they revealed how Season 2 stands out from Season 1.

"Electrifying wrestling, fantastic wall-to-wall acting in storytelling like no other with Michael O'Malley, Michael Waldron, just the entire team from production, from stunts to wardrobe to every nuance that we want to portray in properly execute the story of an independent wrestling league, I think we've executed that in season two and are excited to see and get the reaction from the fans and also wrestling enthusiasts," Maldonado exclusively told PopCulture. "Very excited to see their reaction for this season."

Maldonado plays Rooster Robins, a former DWL star who made the move to Florida Wrestling Dystopia (FWD) and become the company's champion. Maldonado said his character had to make the move and compete with DWL's biggest rivals so he could advance in his professional wrestling career. 

"I think it got to a point where Rooster had to make decisions for himself, even though it was very difficult to leave his family at DWL," Maldonado said. "This was a decision that Rooster had to do for Rooster and Rooster's family, as you'll see in season two as we dive into more of my personal story on that. But yeah, it was a decision that he had to make for his own personal growth that for some reason that DWL wasn't happening."

Ramos plays Diego Cottonmouth, a recurring character in Season 1 who is now part of the main cast. Diego is a pro wrestler who wears a luchador mask when he competes. And as Diego continues to put in hard work with DWL, he's now sure about the future of the company. 

"He's dealing with what are his dreams, his aspirations as a wrestler, his whole life," Ramos said. "And then now coming to this kind of fork in the road where the DWL seems to be in shambles. Nobody knows who's the, who's in charge of the organization. So I think it's, he is just dealing with a lot of identity issues."

Tucker plays Bobby Pin, another recurring character who has been bumped up for Season 2. He suffered a serious injury last season, making him concerned about his future in the sport heading into Season 2. 

"You take away somebody's sort of main thing and it's going to put them in a position to have to answer questions about themselves and about what kind of person they're going to be," Tucker said. "I mean, Bobby's so positive that I think that's going to always kind of come out with him. But how that does was a fun thing to explore because not only is it about his position as a wrestler, but he was the new guy and that was kind of his one thing that he offered to this group. And now he's got this friendship that was going with Crystal. And maybe for him, he might want it to be a little bit more, but now he's hurt and there's a lot of things for him to figure out and he can't just hide away in training and wrestling. He's got to dig into who he is and it's fun."

New episodes of Heels air on Starz every Friday at 10 p.m. ET/PT. It can also be streamed on the Starz app, and all Starz streaming and on-demand platforms.