'Hawaii Five-0': Steve and Danny Leave Restaurant Business in 200th Episode

Hawaii Five-0's 200th episode finally saw the opening of Steve and Danny's restaurant, though solving a cold case left the cops taking another look at their priorities.

Friday's new episode began with Steve (Alex O'Loughlin) and Danny (Scott Caan) hosting a soft opening event with friends and family for the restaurant they have been working to open for a long time now.

Steve is pleased to see his friends and co-workers enjoying the food, while Danny finds himself frustrated because they're not actually making any money from the event.

Their conversation is interrupted by Steve's grandfather's friend Milton Cooper, who is wowed by how remarkable the resemblance is between Steve and his grandfather.

He tells Steve that he was his grandfather's best friend and always wondered how much more he would've accomplished had he not been killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Milton then reveals to Steve that he and his grandfather were close to solving a cold case involving the disappearance of a young woman back just before he died, and he gives Steve a briefcase belonging to him that holds all of the evidence he had gathered from the mysterious case — which a prestigious police detective named Chang Apana had failed to crack himself.

After the party Steve gets inspired and begins to look at the evidence, and when he falls asleep he goes into a dream sequence in the past featuring himself as his grandfather, Danny as Milton and other members of the cast as people related to the investigation.

The special episode featured the cast in their best 1940s vibes, matched with accents, cigarettes and the typical Hawaii Five-0 banter we know and love.

When Steve wakes later in the episode, he figures out that the location of the girl's missing body lies in one of the oldest estates on the island and the team digs out the body, solving a 90-year-old cold case.

"I didn't solve it. I just got it over the finish line," Steve says, giving credit to his grandfather.

The experience leaves Steve to reconsider some things in his life, including his role in the new restaurant.

"This case has got me thinking about what I really want to do with my time," Steve tells Danny, when he admits that he wants to go back to being a full-time cop and leave the restaurant behind.

Rather than getting angry, Danny says he also wants to leave the restaurant, saying he'd rather die from a bullet than from the stress of running a restaurant. He says that he can negotiate selling their share of the business to their other partner and get out of the commitment without much problem.

The partners then celebrate being able to leave the business without drama with a drink.

"To us and our very short and beautiful, successful passionate run as restaurateurs." Danny toasts.


"And, if I may, to knowing when to quit," Steve adds.

Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.