'Grey's Anatomy' Wraps Season With A Surprising Proposal That Ends Horribly

It's a good thing that Grey's Anatomy was renewed for an 18th season because season 17 ended with [...]

It's a good thing that Grey's Anatomy was renewed for an 18th season because season 17 ended with quite a cliffhanger. Now that Meredith is fully recovered from COVID-19 and back to work at Grey Sloan Memorial and running the residency program (and a burgeoning romance with Dr. Hayes?), it seems like things could be back to normal for a minute. However, in typical Grey's fashion, this season finale packed an emotional punch.

The episode covered nearly a year, starting out in August 2020 and ending up in April 2021. Maggie and Winston's first attempt down the aisle was brought to a halt by Richard. They didn't deserve a slapdash, backyard wedding. They should postpone and have a bigger affair to celebrate. While they did eventually get married on the beach in April 2021, it almost looked like circumstances would keep them apart again.

Another couple that faced some major changes was Owen and Teddy. They may have two children together, years of history, and one failed engagement already, but this dramatic duo has never managed to make it official. However, in the December 2020 portion, Owen arranges for "snow" for Teddy and they get re-engaged. With Tom in Boston, maybe these two have a shot.

Over the course of the year, Jo is determined to adopt Luna, even selling Alex's shares of the hospital to Tom in order to afford an expensive attorney. She is eventually successful and moves with her new daughter into Jackson's old apartment, complete with a Facetime cameo from Jesse Williams' departed character. However, as the ever optimist Link helps Jo through the process of adoption, even being willing to foster Luna for a time, the cracks in his relationship with Amelia begin to show.

Because no couple can ever be truly happy for long on Grey's Anatomy, the season ended on a tragic cliffhanger. Link is fully prepared to commit to Amelia and propose, even buying four rings so she can take her pick. However, Amelia worries that she and Link are too different and that she feels lonely when he doesn't understand her darkness. Link pops the question with a gaggle of kids in tow, but Amelia turns him down. Can this couple work it out or is it the end of the line for them? Fans will just have to wait for next season.