'Grey's Anatomy': Maggie Accidentally Reveals Big Family Secret

Grey's Anatomy's complicated family history caused quite a scandal during the show's latest episode.

In an episode that explored questions of genetics, "Blood and Water" saw Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) find inspiration for a new research project from her late mother Ellis (Kate Burton), as Maggie (Kelly McCreary) enjoyed newfound media attention from a recently published article.

As Meredith locked herself in the research lab to explore the idea her mother gave her, Maggie tapes a guest appearance in a podcast based on her research when she accidentally shares details on her heritage with the hosts — specifically that she was the love child of an affair between Ellis and Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.).

After realizing what she did, Maggie visits Meredith in the lab and tells her what happened.

"Oh, well that's not that big a deal," Meredith says, and despite Maggie picking up on her's tone, Meredith does not blame her for sharing her life story.

Maggie also worries about how news of his life secrets being revealed would affect Richard, but Meredith tells her not to worry about it.

Later, Richard confronts Maggie after a reporter calls and asks him for comment on the "Maggie Pierce/Ellis Grey" story.

"You told the entire medical community that me and Ellis had an affair?" Richard asks, he then walks away after agreeing with Maggie that she didn't think before divulging the big truth.

While they observe a surgery later, Maggie attempts to bring the subject upon again. Richard tells her that she has a right to tell her story, but Maggie takes issue with his tone.

Richard adds that he is concerned about Catherine's (Debbie Allen) feelings about the news getting out, before he admits that isn't particularly proud of the affair he had. Maggie gets upset at his words, given that she was born out of that chapter in her life and walks away.

Near the end of the episode, Richard clarifies that while he's ashamed of the affair, he is also grateful to have her in his life. And while Maggie freaks out about causing a major controversy in the medical community, Richard comforts her by telling she is a miracle.


"I am proud to be any part of you Maggie Pierce. And if the press asks, that'll be my only answer," she said.

Will the Grey family's dirty laundry lead to more drama in the future? Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.