'Grey's Anatomy' Finale Shocker: Kim Raver Returns With Pregnancy Twist

The Grey's Anatomy season finale had a lot going on with Jo and Alex's wedding, as well as April [...]

The Grey's Anatomy season finale had a lot going on with Jo and Alex's wedding, as well as April and Arizona's exits, but the hour also offered an epic twist that changes everything.

Before heading to the wedding, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) gets her first payment for the device she invented during the surgical contest and is shocked to find out how much it's worth.

After being accidentally sent to the wrong ceremony, Bailey is caught in an emergency case after the mother of the bride collapses at the church. With most of the doctors off work for the wedding, Bailey finds a surprise co-surgeon in Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) who mysteriously arrives from Germany.

During the surgery, Bailey identifies with the patient, who collapsed due to a heart attack and says she considers her a sign.

"This is just months after I dropped on the ground and nearly died myself," Bailey says, referring her own heart attack earlier in the season. She says she takes the necessary steps to ensure she will have a long life despite her health scare, but she hasn't really done anything or changed her life since then.

Teddy reveals she came back to Seattle to ask if there was a job opening at Grey Sloan Memorial, which shocks but doesn't really surprise Bailey.

After the surgery, Miranda tells the bride her mother will be okay, and the patient sends her daughter back to the church to get married. At the attending's lounge, Bailey and Teddy discuss the possibility of her coming back to Seattle.

Bailey tells Teddy that her coming to Seattle for a job is one more sign that she should take some time for herself, which leads to her announcing she's taking a sabbatical from being Chief of Surgery.

"I want to take a sabbatical from stress," Bailey says. "I want to do research... and fall in love with the O.R. again. I want to spend time with the people that I love. I want to watch TED talks."

Bailey shares she wants to stop listening to the voice of the patriarchy telling her she can't pause and offers Teddy the job of Interim Chief of Surgery.

"I love my job so it's temporary, but what do you say?" Bailey asks.

"I say, let's keep talking." Teddy says.

The shockers don't end there, however, as the final minutes of the episode show a sequence of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) officiating Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex's (Justin Chambers) wedding; April (Sarah Drew) and Matthew (Justin Bruening) getting married and Teddy watching a livestream of her patient's daughter's wedding with her and getting very emotional.

The patient reaches for Teddy's hand and notices she's rubbing her stomach.

"Are you expecting?" she asks.

"I am," Teddy announces, revealing Owen (Kevin McKidd) is going to be a father.

Grey's Anatomy will return for its 15th season in fall 2018.